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is a free academic website run by highly trained, intelligent and experienced teachers headed by Dr. Bbosa Science.

The website provides comprehensive notes, revision exercise, and marking guides for all subjects of Primary level (English, mathematics, social studies and Science); O-level and A-level (physics, chemistry, biology, economics, geography …….) for Ugandan syllabus but also relevant for all the countries of the world.


  1. to simplify hard concepts with brief but clear explanations.

  2. to fill in gaps of missing or incomplete student’s notes

  3. to correct misspelled terminologies and logical errors. (Examiners do not mark wrong spellings)

  4. To clarify misunderstood concepts.

Please find videos of A-level chemistry, biology, physics, geography; O-level chemistry and primary revision videos of math, integrated science on You Tube: in search box, type the topic of any of the subjects and Dr. Bbosa Science and enter to watch

You Tube Videos

We have the following videos on You Tube and can be accessed from You tube by typing the topic of the subjects followed by Dr. Bbosa Science

A-level subjects videos

  • All topics of chemistry
  • All topics of biology, dissection of a rat, dissection of frog and dissection of cockroach.
  • most topic of geography
  • physics (magnetism, modern physics and light)

O – level subjects videos

  • topics of chemistry

Primary subjects videos

PLE science revision videos for years (2011 – 2016)

PLE mathematic revision videos for year 2013 – 2016


You can also search for anything you want by typing in the ‘SEARCH SOMETHING’ box at the bottom right of this page.

We strongly advise you to write and rewrite notes, exams and marking guides so that your hands can remember in exams.

Do not worry!

We can send you soft copies of all topics of a subject via WhatsApp at 20,000/= or 1,000 per topic

For special request of a making guide of a paper of your choice in any subject at 5,000/= per paper

For one-to-one personal couching in chemistry, Biology and physics at 100, 000/= per day around Kampala

Money should be sent on 0753 143413 (Bbosa David Science) with your request