A-level Animal production 2021 revision questions

A-level Animal production 2021 revision questions

Agriculture revision questions for agriculture 3

Animal production 2021


By Mungudit Davious


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  1. (a) A farmer wants to mix 16% proteins ration using maize which is 8% and cotton cake which is 38% protein, in what proportions would he mix the maize and cotton cake? Using appropriate method show your working (06marks)

(b) Describe the factors a farmer would consider before mixing animal feeds (08marks)

(c) Outline the factors affecting utilization of rations by animals (06marks)


  1. (a) Outline the differences between ruminants and non-ruminant animals? (10marks)

(b) Write short notes on the following

(your description should include symptoms, cause, and prevention)

(i) Bloat (06marks)

(ii) Milk fever (04marks)

  1. (a) Outline the importance of water in the body of animals (06marks)

(b) Describe the factors that influence water intake in the body of animals (12marks)

(c) Outline the sources of water in animals’ body. (02marks)

  1. (a) state reasons why milk is highly perishable (03marks)

(b) Describe how a lactometer is used and state its importance in the quality milk production (03marks)

(c) Explain the factors affecting the quality, quantity and consumption of milk. (12marks)


  1. (a) Describe the following as used in parasite management in livestock and in each case give an example.

(i) Periodic parasite (01mark)

(ii) Obligatory parasite (01marks)

(iii) Facultative parasite (01marks)

(b) Describe with example the adaptations of ecto-parasites to parasitic life (09marks)

(c) Outline the effects of external parasites on host animals.(08marks)

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