Transport in flowering plants

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Transport on flowering plants Water and mineral salts are transported xylem while the manufactured food is transported in the phloem Xylem Consist of parenchyma cells ... Read More

Homeostasis and glucose regulation

11/29/2019 1

Homeostasis: Definition of homeostasis? The term homeostasis (from a Greek word meaning staying the same) is used to mean maintenance of static or constant conditions ... Read More

Excretion and osmoregulation

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What is excretion?   Excretion is the elimination from the body of waste metabolic substances which if permitted to accumulate would poison the cells.  What is ... Read More


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Digital Teachers Uganda( has partnered with Science Foundation College, instructors in higher education in Uganda to support and enhance education delivery through a free web-based ... Read More


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Over the years, a large number of students have been failing Sciences Subjects due to the negative attitude they have towards the discipline. Before the ... Read More