Heterotrophic nutrition (A-level biology)

12/28/2019 144

Heterotrophic nutrition Heterotrophic organisms are organisms that feed on complex ready-made organic food.  They use it as a source of: - (i)   energy for their ... Read More

Reproduction in plants (O-level)

12/25/2019 4

The flower is the a sexual reproducing organ of the flowering plants. Diagram of a typical flower   Parts of flowers Stalk joins a flower ... Read More

weekly quiz Dec 23rd -28th

12/25/2019 13

What is pollination?How is self-pollination prevented in plant?Describe the features that favor pollination by insects How to answer write your answer in the comment section ... Read More

Sexual reproduction in plants (A -level biology)

12/18/2019 1

Sexual reproduction in plants The flower The flower is the sexual reproducing organ of the flowering plants. It is divided into 3 parts Perianth These ... Read More

Reproduction in animals (A-level Biology)

12/17/2019 0

Essential features of sexual reproduction involve a set of events. They can be summarized as follows: Attainment of sexual maturity by an organism The process ... Read More

Gaseous exchange in animals

12/14/2019 2

Gaseous exchange. Whether aerobic or anaerobic respiration is occurring the constant passage to gases between an organism and their environment has to be maintained.  Aerobes ... Read More

Behavior (A-level)

12/12/2019 3

Behaviors These are responses to the stimuli animals receive. Those animals that respond appropriately to changes in their environment are more likely to survive and ... Read More

Transport in animals (A-level biology)

12/11/2019 4

Transport in animals Transport is the movement of materials from one part of the organism to another. Transport involves diffusion and active transport in simple ... Read More

Eye, ear, receptor cells

12/05/2019 818

Receptor Cell These are cells that convert energy associated with a stimulus to an electrical impulse in the nerve or nerve impulses. Receptors are classified ... Read More

Coordination, nervous system, hormonal system

12/02/2019 2

Coordination   and control in animals Coordination means to cause the part to function together or in proper order. Coordination and control in animals are performed ... Read More