Linear momentum

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Linear momentum Linear momentum is a product of the body’s mass and its velocity. The S1 unit of momentum is kgms-1 When a force F ... Read More

Newton’s laws of motion

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Newton’s laws of motion First Newton’s law of motion. A body remains in its state of rest or uniform motion in straight line unless an ... Read More

Scalar and vector quantities and resolving of forces

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Scalar and vector quantities Scalar quantities are physical quantities which have only magnitude; for, example speed, mass, volume, energy, time and temperature. Vector quantities are ... Read More

Motion under gravity and projectiles

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Motion under gravity In absence of any resistance, all bodies regardless of their mass fall with same acceleration near the earth’s surface. Acceleration due to ... Read More

Linear motion, equations of motion

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Linear motion Terms used Displacement is the distance moved by a body in a specific direction Velocity is the rate of change of displacement Uniform ... Read More