Reactivity series (o-level chemistry)

04/26/2020 1

Reactivity series: Some metals are more reactive than others. A list of metals with the most active at the top and the least active at ... Read More

Management of Covid-19

04/25/2020 2

Prevention of spreading Wash your hands regularly and effectively with soap and water. Disinfect your hand and workplace with sanitizers Avoid clouds. Cover your nose ... Read More

PLE MATHS Section B 2013 By Dr Betty Bbosa

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Exhaustive revision of Primary Leaving Examination Mathematics By Dr. Betty Science the best mathematics teacher Read More

Thermodynamics part 1 of 2 By Dr Bbosa Science

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Defines energy terms, combustion, electron affinity, neutralization, formation, lattice energy Hess law, enthalpy diagrams, and energy diagram and their calculations. Read More

Dr. Bbosa Entertainment Series

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Dissection of a Toad by Dr. Bbosa Science

04/09/2020 4

Ecology, adaptation of parts to ecology, internal systems (digestion, circulation, excretion, gaseous exchange, reproductive) Read More

Food tests

04/09/2020 1

Describes testing for starch, proteins, lipids, carbohydrate, vitamin C and catalyze enzyme Read More

ple 2015 integrated Science

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A revision video for PLE 2015 integrated science, well-illustrated for easy understanding Read More

Dissection by Dr. Bbosa Science

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Join Us Today

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Digital Teachers is a free online teaching platform for both students and teachers especially students who are struggling with mathematics and other science subjects. Read More

Science Foundation College

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The Digital teachers in conjunction with The Science Foundation College are determined to attract students to science subjects through Print, Science videos and Music. This ... Read More

Why Digital Teachers?

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Online education is a natural fit for today’s teens. High school students have grown up with the Internet, and they use technology to connect with ... Read More

Digital Teachers

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Our teachers are all qualified teachers with experience in both examinations for years and they are sourced from different parts of the country Read More

Organic chemistry

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Reactivity series (o-level chemistry)

04/09/2020 0

Reactivity series: Some metals are more reactive than others. A list of metals with the most active at the top and the least active at ... Read More

Circular motion,unbanked road, banked road, horizontal circular motion, vertical circular motion

04/06/2020 2

Circular motion This is the motion of an object moving in a circular path with a uniform speed around a fixed point O. consider a ... Read More

Work, power, energy (A-level mechanic)

04/02/2020 0

Work, power, energy - (A-level) Work is the product of force and distance moved. This distance must be in the direction of the force. Consider ... Read More

Friction, coefficient of friction-A level

04/01/2020 5

Solid friction Friction is the forces that oppose the relative motion of two surfaces in contact. The direction of the friction force is opposite to ... Read More