Vertebrates – upper primary

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Vertebrates Vertebrates are animals with backbones. Vertebrates can be classified into either cold blooded or warm blooded. The cold blooded vertebrates can vary or change ... Read More

Invertebrates – upper primary

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Animals Characteristics of animals Animals are different from plants because animals do not make their food while plants do. Characteristics of animals as living things ... Read More

Plants -upper primary

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PLANTs Plants are living things. As living things, plants show characteristics shown by other living things. Characteristic of living things Plants grow. They reproduce through ... Read More

Soil-upper primary

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Soil It is the loose material that covers the earth’s surface. It forms 25% of the earth’s surface. The rest is water. Importance of soil ... Read More

Preparation of gases

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Stages of gas preparation, preparation of oxygen, testing for oxygen Read More