Graphs and plotting – primary mathematic

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Graphs The common graphs at primary level are the line graphs and bar graphs. Line graph A line graph is a type of chart used to show ... Read More

Factors affecting the equilibrium constants, Kc and Kp

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These factors include temperature, concentration, pressure and catalyst. these factors are well explainned in this video Read More

Probability-primary mathematics

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Probability Probability is the likelihood or chance of an event occurring. Many events can't be predicted with total certainty. The best we can say is ... Read More

Algebra-primary mathematic

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Algebra Algebra is a branch of mathematics dealing with symbols and the rules for manipulating those symbols. In elementary algebra, those symbols (today written as ... Read More

Modulus- upper primary mathematics

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Modulus Please Download questions and answer from the PDF below modulus - upper primary Sponsored by The Science Foundation College +256 753 80 27 09 ... Read More

Bases – Upper primmary

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Bases We are accustomed to writing numbers in base ten, using the symbols for 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 ... Read More

Simple interest -Upper primary mathematics

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Simple interest There is a formula for simple interest I = PRT where I = interest P = amount borrowed (called "Principal") R = interest ... Read More

Speed and distance- primary mathematics

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Distance, speed and time Distance is a numerical description of how far apart two objects are from each other.   Speed is distance over time taken ... Read More

Mean, mode, media , range, revision questions and answers-primary mathematics

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Mean, median, mode, range The "mean" is the "average" you're used to, where you add up all the numbers and then divide by the number ... Read More

Pie Chart – Upper primary mathematics

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Pie chart It is a circular graph which is used to represent data Constructing Circle Graphs or Pie Charts A pie chart (also called a Pie Graph ... Read More

Bearing – Upper primary mathematics

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Bearings A bearing is an angle, measured clockwise from the north direction. Example What is the bearing of A from B in the diagram below? The bearing ... Read More

Volume – Upper primary mathematics

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Volume This is the amount of space taken up by an object, while capacity is the measure of an object's ability to hold a substance, ... Read More

Area – Upper primary mathematics

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Area Area is the size of a surface. Formulae of the area of simple shapes Example Find the area of the base of cuboid below. Solution ... Read More

Lines, Angle, parallel line, polygons- upper primary mathematics

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Angles In geometry, an angle can be defined as the figure formed by two straight lines meeting at a common end point. An angle is represented ... Read More

Perimeter- Upper primary mathematics

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Perimeter.  Perimeter is the distance around a two-dimensional shape Formulas for finding perimeter of regular objects Perimeter of a rectangle = 2l + 2w =2(l + ... Read More

Angle construction-upper primary mathematics

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Constructing Angles of 60º, 120º, 30º, 150, 90º and 450 How to construct an angle of 600. (i) Draw a line and select point A. ... Read More

Sets – upper primary mathematics

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SETS A set is a collection of distinct objects, called elements of the set A set can be defined by describing the contents, or by listing the elements of ... Read More

Roman numerals – upper primary mathematics

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Roman numerals The table below equivalent of roman numerals to Arabic numeral 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I II III IV ... Read More

Force and simple machine – upper primary science

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Force A force is the pull, push or a lift on an object. Force is measured in Newtons using a spring balance   Effect of ... Read More

Preparation of hydrogen

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procedure of preparation of hydrogen and worked examples Read More

Properties of matter – upper primary science

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PROPERTIES OF MATTER Matter Matter is anything that occupies space and has mass. Mass is what matter is made up of. Matter exists in three ... Read More

Magnetism-upper primary science

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Magnetism A magnet is a piece of metal which has ability to attract other metals. Magnetic substances are those substances which can be attracted by ... Read More

Preparation of oxygen with worked examples (O-level chemistry)

07/08/2020 3 principles of preparation of gases i.e. preparatory state, purification stage, drying stage, and collection stage. Preparation oxygen, sample questions and answers Read More

Sound energy-upper primary science

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Sound energy Sound is  a form of energy that enables us to hear. It is caused by vibration of objects Properties of sound Pitch is ... Read More

Electric energy -upper primary science

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Electricity This is a form of energy that is produced by moving electrons or electrical charges. There are two types of charges; positive charges and ... Read More

Light energy – upper primary science

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Light It is a form of energy that enables us to see. Other uses of light It is used by plants for photosynthesis It is ... Read More

Heat energy – upper primary science

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Heat energy This is a form of energy that flows from one point to another due to temperature differences. Temperature a physical property of matter ... Read More

Energy(introduction) – Upper primary science

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ENERGY Energy is the ability to do work. It is measured in joules Work is a product of force and distance Work = force x ... Read More

Weather and weather instruments-upper primary science

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WEATHER Weather is the atmospheric condition of a place at a given time over a short period of time. The study of weather is called ... Read More

Animal-husbandry-upper primary science

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Domestic animals The animals that are kept at home are called domestic animals. Domestic animals include pets and livestock. Pets include cats, dogs and pigeons. ... Read More