Genetics objectives (A-level biology)

10/30/2020 3 Well discussed 30 objectives from national exams Read More

Genetics A level lesson 2 of 2 (A-level biology)

10/30/2020 0

dihybrid inheritance, linkages, sex linkage, sex limited traits, lethal genes Read More

Genetics lesson 1of 2 (A-level biology)

10/30/2020 2

Terminologies (gene, allele, dominant gene, recessive genes, homozygous, heterozygous, back cross, test cross), monohybrid inheritance, sex determination and multiple alleles (ABO blood groups) Read More

Coordination in animals (A level biology), revision of objective questions

10/25/2020 0

Coordination in animals 30 objective revision questions and answers for A-level candiadtes. Read More

Coordination in animals (A-level biology), lesson 2 of 2

10/24/2020 0

Central nervous system, reflex arc, conditioned reflex, part and functions of parts of the brain, sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, position of endocrine glands in the ... Read More

Coordination in animals (A level biology), lesson 1 of 2

10/23/2020 2

Differences between nervous and endocrine system, action potential, impulse, none or nothing law, refractory period, synapse, transmission at the synapse, neuromuscular junction, functions of the ... Read More

Dissection of rat Part 2 (internal structures) (A-level biology)

10/20/2020 1

Organs of neck and muscles on the chest, abdominal structures in undisturbed form, veins from digestive system, arteries to digestive system, urinogenital system, diaphragm, visceral ... Read More

Dissection of rat part 1 of 2 (A-level biology)

10/15/2020 5

Classification,External structures (functions and adaptations) and ecology Read More

Photosynthesis lesson 2 of 2 A-level biology

10/09/2020 4

structure, adaptations and functions of photosynthesis, chemistry of photosynthesis(light harvesting, electron transport and Calvin cycle), C3 and C4 plants, advantages of C4 plants over C3 ... Read More