Plant response objective question – A level biology

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Questions skillfully selected to test the subject and facilitate the learner to understand the subject Read More

Reproduction in plants revision essay question (A-level biology)

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Essay questions selected to test students understanding of reproduction in plants and also to assist student internalize the subject Read More

Plant responses (A-level biology)

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tropisms, phototropism, geotropism, nastic response, tactic response, functions of auxins, functions gibberellins, function of ethene, functions cytokinins, absicics acid, photoperiodism, short day plants, long day ... Read More

Sexual reproduction in plants (Structured questions) (A-level biology)

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structured questions selected to test and aid understanding of the topic sexual reproduction in plants Read More

Reproduction in plants objective questions (A-level biology)

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Reproduction in animals A-level biology structured questions

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Reproduction in animals objective questions (A-level biology)

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Well selected 30 objectives to help you understand and internalize the topic of reproduction in animals Read More

Sexual reproduction in plants (A-level biology)

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Parts of flowers, pollen grain and ova formation, structures of mature pollen grain and ovum, pollination and fertilization, agents of pollination, advantages of sexual reproduction, ... Read More

Reproduction in animals (A-level biology)

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Male and female reproductive systems, spermatogenesis, oogenesis, fertilization, advantages of internal fertilization, menstrual cycle, events in pregnancy, the function, structure, and adaptations of placenta, hormonal ... Read More

Temperature regulation in animals (A-level biology)

11/15/2020 0 Significance of temperature regulation, types of temperature regulation, endotherms, warm blooded, ectoderms,, cold blooded, skin, responses of humans to cold and hot environment, behavioral ... Read More

Excretion lesson 2 of 2 (A-level biology)

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Excretion and osmoregulation in marine invertebrates and vertebrates, excretion and osmoregulation fresh water animals and fish, excretion and osmoregulation in insects, excretion in plants, adaptations ... Read More

Excretion in man lesson 1 of 2 (A-level biology)

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definition, excretory organs, excretory system in man, urine formation, osmoregulation, control of pH by kidney Read More

Homeostasis (A-level biology)

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Definition of homeostasis, mechanisms of homeostasis (negative feedback and positive feedback), components of efficient negative feed back mechanism, homeostasis of glucose, role of pancreas in ... Read More

Locomotion in animals lesson 2 of 2 (A-level biology)

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Biceps and triceps, stability and locomotion in tetrapod, locomotion in fish, stability in fish and how it is counteracted, locomotion in birds, adaptations of birds ... Read More

Locomotion in animals lesson 1 of 2 (A-biology)

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Types of skeletons, locomotion in earthworm, locomotion in insects, types of joints, differences in types of muscles Read More