Properties of light and reflection on plane mirror (O-level)

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Lesson 1 LIGHT İs a form of energy that enables us to see. Sources of light Natural sources include sun, star, glowing insects Artificial luminous ... Read More


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Ecology Ecology is the study of the relationship of living organism with each other and their nonliving environment. The study of ecology helps us to ... Read More

Ecology lesson 2 of 3

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Population, population size, significance of population size, factors to consider when determining population size, methods of determining population size, direct counting method, sampling methods, capture-recapture ... Read More

Transport in flowering plants structured questions

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Questions selected skillfully to test and aid understanding, answers are provided Read More

Transport in flowering plants objective questions

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Questions skillfully selected to test and facilitate underdanding Read More

Behaviors (A- level)

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Definitions, instinctive behavior ( reflex, kinesis, taxis) sign stimulus, Learned behaviors ( habituations, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, insight learning, latent learning, imprinting, displacement activity, courtship ... Read More

Ecology lesson 1 of 3

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Definition, Abiotic factors (soil, climate, fire, topography), Biotic factors (parasitism, mutualism, commensalism, predation), food chains, food webs, pyramid of number, pyramid of biomass, pyramid of ... Read More

Gaseous exchange structured revision questions

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Questions selected to test and facilitate understanding Read More

Gaseous exchange objective revision questions

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Questions specially selected to test and facilitate understanding Read More

Transpiration and structure of stomata

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Definition, function of transpiration, adaptations of xerophytes, mesophytes, and hydrophytes; structure of stomata, mechanisms for stomata opening Read More

Transport in flowering plants

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Structure and adaptations of xylem, structure and adaptations of phloem, Path taken by water in roots (the apoplast pathway, the Symplast pathway, the vacuolar pathways ... Read More

Gaseous exchange (A-level)

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Need for gaseous exchange surface, adaptations of a gaseous exchange surface, special gaseous surfaces in animals, tracheal system, advantages and disadvantages of tracheal system, gaseous ... Read More

Evolution objective revision questions

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Questions skillfully selected to test and facilitate understanding Read More

Evolution structured revision questions for A-level studens

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questions specially selected to test and facilitate  understanding of the subject Read More

Evolution Essay revision questions

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specially selected to test and assist in understanding the topic Read More

Evolution (A-level biology) lesson 3 of 3

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Evidences of evolution, convergent evolution, analogous structures, homologous structure, adaptive radiation, divergent evolution, pentadactyl limb, vestigial structures Read More

Evolution (A-level biology) lesson 2 of 3

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Genetic pool, allele frequency, genotype frequency, genetic drift, genetic load, gene flow, Hardy-Weinberg principles and its calculations, speciation and isolation mechanisms, green revolution, artificial selection. Read More

Evolution A-level lesson 1 of 3 (A-level biology)

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Definition of evolution, theories for origin of life, Lamarck and Darwin's theories of evolution, natural selection, continuous and discontinuous variations. types of selection i.e. direction, ... Read More