O level physics curved mirrors or concave and convex mirrors

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CURVED MIRRORS Curved mirrors are made by cutting a part of a sphere.  Types of curved mirrors There are two types of curved mirrors namely: ... Read More

Reflection in plane mirror o-level physics

02/20/2021 1

Incident rays, reflected ray, normal, laws of reflection, types of reflection, Image formation in plane mirror, properties of image formed by plane mirror, location of ... Read More

Concave and convex mirror revision questions

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Detailed explanation of questions in convex and concave mirror at A-level physics Read More

Concave and convex mirrors lesson 2 of 2 (A-level)

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1. Relationship between the focal length f and the radius of curvature r of curved mirrors 2. Derivation of concave (converging) mirror formula 3. Derivation ... Read More

Curved mirror l (concave and convex mirrors) A-level; lesson 1 o f 2

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Terminologies of curved mirrors (pole of mirror, principal axis, center of curvature, C, principal focus, F, focal length, f, radius of curvature, r; paraxial rays); ... Read More

Reflection of light on plane mirrors A level

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Ray of light , type of beams, laws of reflection, deviation of light at plane surfaces, deviation by rotated mirror, optical levers, deviation by successive ... Read More

DNA, RNA and protein synthesis structured questions

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Questions selected to assist in understanding the topic at A-level Read More

DNA, RNA and protein synthesis objective questions

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Questions selected to assist a candidate to understand the topic Read More

DNA, RNA and protein synthesis

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Nucleotides, bases, evidences that DNA is the genetic material, comparison between the structure of DNA and RNA; replication, transcription, and translation Read More

Asexual reproduction and alternative generation

02/19/2021 2

Advantages and disadvantages of asexual reproduction, alteration of generations in bryophytes and ferns; comparison of life cycle of moss and ferns Read More

Meiosis and mitosis revision questions

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Questions set to test and aid understanding of cell division at a-level Read More

Cell divisions (meiosis and mitosis)

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Stages of meiosis and mitosis and comparison between mitosis and meiosis Read More

Ecology Essay questions

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Questions selected to test and enable understanding of ecology Read More

Ecology structured questions

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Questions selected to test and enable understanding of the topic of ecology Read More

Ecology lesson 3 of 3

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Pollution and conservation, causes of increase in carbon dioxide concentration, how to reduce carbon dioxide concentration, meaning and causes of global warming, Effects of oil ... Read More

Ecology objectives (A-level)

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questions selected to assist understanding of the topic Read More