Modern physic A-level notes

08/20/2021 7

Modern Physics  (A-level)  Photoelectric effect In metals, atoms exists as positive ions in a sea of electrons. An electron near the surface of the metal, ... Read More

Modern physic (A-level paper 1 section C) Revision questions and answers

08/12/2021 0

(a) (i) What are cathode rays? (01marks) Cathode rays are streams of fast moving electrons (ii) State two properties of cathode rays (01mark) They are ... Read More

Current electricity, Electrostatics and capacitor revision questions and answers ( A-level physics paper 2 section C)

08/07/2021 1

1. (a) State Coulomb’s law of electrostatics (01marks) Coulomb’s law states that the force between two point charges is directly proportional to the product of ... Read More