Absolute humidity

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Absolute humidity is the mass of water in (grams/m3) per unit volume of dry air regardless of its temperature. The higher the amount of water ... Read More

Relative humidity

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Relative humidity is a ratio, expressed in percent, of the amount of atmospheric moisture present relative to the amount that would be present if the ... Read More


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Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. It is measured by use of a hygrometer. Read More


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Clouds are visible accumulations of tiny water droplets or ice crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere. Read More

wind surfing

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Windsurfing is a unique water sport that combines the elements of surfing and sailing. The rider is planing across the water on a board rigged ... Read More

Physical geography Chapter 11: Coral landforms in East Africa

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Coral landforms/ reefs are offshore limestone rock platforms formed by continuous deposition and accumulation of shells or skeletons of small marine organisms known as coral ... Read More

Physical geography Chapter 9: Costal geomorphology in East Africa

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A coast is part of land bordering the sea or any other extensive tract of water like ocean. The nature of the coast is influenced ... Read More


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A geo is a narrow steep sided inlet along a cliff formed when entire roof of a cave collapses. Read More

Physical geography Chapter 9: Glaciation in East Africa

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Glaciation Glaciation comes from the word ''glacier" which means moving large mass of ice from higher level to lower level under the influence of gravity ... Read More


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An esker is a long ridge of gravel and other sediments, typically having a winding course, deposited by meltwater from a retreating glacier or ice sheet. Found In South Africa ... Read More

Till plain

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Till plains are an extensive(wide) flat plain of glacial till  that forms when a sheet of ice becomes detached from the main body of a glacier and melts in ... Read More


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Drumlins are oval-shaped hills about 30-50m high, largely composed of glacial drift, formed beneath a glacier or ice sheet and aligned in the direction of ice ... Read More


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Nivation is erosion of the ground beneath and at the sides of a snow bank, mainly as a result of alternate freezing and thawing. Read More

Physical geography Chapter 8: Lakes in East Africa

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A lake is a depression or basin filled with water Lakes in East Africa differ in permanency, salinity, shape, size and depth. Processes leading to ... Read More

Physical geography Chapter 7: Drainage system in East Africa

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Drainage system is a network well-defined channels through which water flows. The drainage system of an area is the outcome of the geological time period, ... Read More

Physical geography –Map work/map reading question  (UACE paper 1 question 1)

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 Map reading Map work work is a compulsory number in a-level geography paper 1 and carries 25 marks. The maps can be obtained from schools ... Read More

Rock outcrop

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Rocky outcrops are defined as geological features/rocks that protrude above the surface of the surrounding land. Read More

What is a trigonometrical station?

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A trigonometrical station, triangulation pillar, trig beacon or trig point is a fixed surveying station for the geodetic surveying and other surveying projects on nearby areas. Read More

Scale on a map

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A scale is a ratio between distances on a map and the corresponding distance on the ground. For example, on a 1:100000 scale map, 1cm ... Read More

Physical geography-Photographic interpretations(A-level)

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Photographic interpretation relates to identification of features in a photograph, their description, mode formation and economic uses. Examinable areas in photographic interpretation (a) Drawing a ... Read More

Physiographic regions

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Physiographic region is a region having a particular pattern of relief features or land forms that differs significantly from that of adjacent regions. Read More


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A col (or saddle) is the lowest point of a ridge between two peaks. But at the same time it will also be the highest point ... Read More

Reasons why glycogen is a suitable energy compound for muscles than fats

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It is quickly broken down to release glucose then energy while fats  undergo complex processes before they can release  energy Requires little storage space than ... Read More

Drainage system

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Drainage system is a network well-defined channels through which water flows. The drainage system of an area is the outcome of the geological time period, ... Read More

Physical geography Chapter 6: Mass wasting in East Africa

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Mass wasting is the downhill movement of weathered material due to influence of gravity or the creeping/flowing/sliding of rock and weathered materials or debris down ... Read More

Physical geography Chapter 5: Weathering in East Africa

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Weathering is a denudation process which involves physical disintegration and chemical decomposition of rocks in situ (one place) by natural agents on the surface or ... Read More