UACE Geography- Manufacturing industry in the world video

09/29/2023 0   Major industrial Centres in selected countries in the world, Britan, USA, China, Germany, Republic of South Africa Factors that favor development of industries ... Read More

UACE Geography Forestry in the World videos

09/25/2023 1 Characteristics of tropical rainforest Factors that favor the growth of tropical rainforest Factors favoring exploitation of tropical rain forests Factors that limit exploitation of ... Read More

Geography Urbanization and development of ports in the world video

09/23/2023 0 Meanings of urbanization, city, port, a site of a port, Conurbation Causes of urbanization Contributions (positive and negative) effects of urbanization General factors that ... Read More

What are the six functions of potassium in plants?

09/15/2023 2

  Increases root growth and improves drought resistance. Maintains turgor; reduces water loss and wilting. Aids in photosynthesis and food formation. Reduces respiration, preventing energy ... Read More

Geography Development of transport in the world part 2 of 2 video

09/14/2023 0 Inland water transport advantages of inland water transport, disadvantages of inland water transport inland water transport in china, USA, western europe steps improve inland ... Read More

Geography Development of transport in the world part 1 of 2 video

09/14/2023 0 UACE 250/3 geography paper 2 topic:advantages of road and railways transport, ,contributions of road and railway transport, problems facing road and railtransport in Africa Read More

Geography: Mining in the world video

09/14/2023 1 Definitions of mining types of minerals Mining in Nigeria, Democratic Republic of congo, DRC, Liberia, Germany, USA, Zambia, South Africa, Ghana, Libya The factors ... Read More

Explain why measles vaccine administered at the age of 9 month

09/02/2023 7

It was estimated that weaning on average occurs at this age, and the baby no longer gets antibodies against measles from the mothers. Read More