UACE General Paper section A: Capital punishment  in Uganda, pro and cons

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Capital punishment, which is also known as the death penalty, is criminal punishment that takes the defendant's life as the punishment for the defendant's crime. ... Read More

UACE General Paper discussions: Crime and solutions to curb crime

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Definition of crime Crime is the intentional commission of an act usually deemed socially harmful or dangerous and specifically defined, prohibited, and punishable under criminal law. ... Read More

UACE Geography paper 3: S101 General Paper- Deforestation in Uganda

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Deforestation means cutting or clearing trees or forests over a large area for the facilitation of other human activities. It is a serious environmental concern ... Read More

UACE General paper Environmental degredation in Uganda

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Definition Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, water and soil; the destruction of ecosystems and the extinction ... Read More

UACE s101 General paper section A topics: Definition, causes, effects and solutions to environmental degredationin Uganda

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Definition of evironmental degredation Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, water and soil; the destruction of ecosystems ... Read More

UACE General paper topics – Domstic violence

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Domestic violence in Uganda Domestic violence posses the biggest consern in my community. Domestic violence is a situation where one or more members of the ... Read More

UACE General paper marking points

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Composition of the paper It is composed of 2 sections A and B Section A comprises 4 Assay questions from which a candidate selects 1 ... Read More

UACE fieldwork procedures and recommendation

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Please download the pdf/link below UACE Geography paper 3 Field work Read More

Contributions/roles of power and energy in development of Uganda

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Positive contributions Thermal and HEP are sources of government revenue through taxes from petroleum importing companies like Shell Uganda. HEP aand thermal energy have promoted ... Read More

Problems facing the energy sector in Uganda 

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Fluctuation of the volume of water limits production of HEP at Bujagali and Murchision falls Vandalization and theft of HEP gadget like transformers, transmission wires. ... Read More

Steps/measures being taken to solve the energy crisis in Uganda

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Introducting of energy saving bulbs to combat power shortage Introduction of thermal energy to supplement HEP Importation of gas to reduce dependece on Biomass energy ... Read More

Causes of enviromental degradation in Uganda

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Destruction of wetlands through reclamation to increase on aacreage of land for agriculture, settlement, industrial establishment e.g. Kampala, Mbarara, Mbale etc. Destruction of vegetation cover ... Read More

Effects of environmental degradation in Uganda

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Reduction in the productivity of land/soil exhaustion and hence decline in food production in Kibale Shortage of wood fuel for domestic use e.g. in Tororo, ... Read More

Contributions of forests in Uganda

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Positive contributions Source of timber for example from forests like Mabira, Budongo for local and foreign markets. Provide timber for construction industry Provide firewood and ... Read More

Contributions of lakes to the development of Uganda

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Positive contributions Evaporations from lakes lead to the formation of convection rainfall in areas around them such as Mukono, Kampala around Lake Victoria. Lakes allow ... Read More

Contribution of Mt. Rwenzori to human activities

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Positive impacts It influences the formation of orographic rainfall at Nyabirango, Muhokya and Bwera leading to the growth of coffee, bananas etc. Mt Rwenzori’s beautiful ... Read More

Contributions of volcanic lakes to the development of Uganda

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Positive contribution They re used for tourist attraction such as the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi. They are used for transport of goods and serveces. Source of ... Read More

The influence of vulcanicity on drainage features of Uganda

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Vulcanicity led to the formation of lava dammed lakes as L. Mutanda, chahafi, Muhehe and L. Bunyonyi. Such lakes were formed when lava flew from ... Read More

The importance of exports trate in the development of Uganda

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Postive importance Export trade has led to development of infrastructure such as roads, railway lines and ports Export trade has promoted industrialization for value addition ... Read More

Factors influencing development of the dairy industry in Uganda.

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Cool climate which favour the rearing of dairy animals e.g. in the highland areas of western Uganda e.g. Kabale, shores of Lake Victoria e.g. Wakiso ... Read More

Challenges/problems faced by the diary farmers in Uganda

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Shortage of land in densely populated aresa such as Kabale, Mbale, Kampala, etc. led to limited expansion of dairy farms for example Beatrice dairy farm ... Read More

Problems facing livestock farming in Uganda

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Prolonged drought leading to scarcity of pastures is a probleme in Nakasongola, Moroto and so on. This results in the death of cattle. Shortage of ... Read More

Contributions of livestock farming in Uganda

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Positive contributiona It is a source of animal proteins/food for the people e.g. chicken from ugachick poultry in Gayaza, Beef from Mbarara for the people ... Read More

Characterisitics of market gardening in Uganda

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Carried out near or within the vicinity of urban areas, industrial centers, minining centers The types of crops grown are perishable crops such as onions, ... Read More

Factors limiting market gardening in Uganda

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Limited land on which to carry out market gardening Decline insoil fertility due to extensive use of land reduce crop yields Limited market for the ... Read More

Characteristics of plantation farmining/agriculture in Uganda

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Characteristics of plantation Agriculture Th farmers normallyconcentrate on production of a single crop e.g. sugar cane on the Lugazi sugar cane plantation Farms are usually ... Read More

Contrubutions/Importance of plantation farming in Uganda

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Positive contributions Plantaion farms provide employement opportunities for example Lugazi sugar plantation employees over 7000 employes Collect revenues form empoyees earnings on the behalf of ... Read More

Measures to improve agricultural productivity in Uganda

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The government has embarked on increased agricultural education at the Universities and institutes to develop agricultural personnel Setting up of demonstration farms such as Aswa ... Read More

Reasons for low agriculture productivity in Uganda

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Poor crop varieties in most districts like Kayunga and Moroto lead to low outputs. Use of poor tools like hoes in Mpigi and most of ... Read More

Factor for improvement of farming in Uganda

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Introduction of new better quality and high yielding crops and animals such as colonal coffee, grought resistant maize, cassava etc. Diversification of animals Diversification of ... Read More

Factors that influence the development of fishing industry in Uganda

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Physical factors Availability of several grounds rich in fish e,g, L. victoria, L. Kyoga etc. The indented nture of the shoreline on lakes Victoria and ... Read More

Reasons for the decline of cotton production in Uganda

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Reasons for the decline of cotton production are classified into physical, social nd economic. Physicisal factors are Climatic change such as excessive rain, hailstone and ... Read More

Steps being taken to expand the cotton sector in Uganda 

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The government of uganda formed the Cotton Development Organization (CDO) to promote the production of cotton through the distribution of high quality seeds, monitoring and ... Read More

Steps being taken to sustainably utilize the fisheries resources in Uganda

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These include The ministry of agriculture is carrying out restacking of L. Victoria, Kyoga etc. to increase the quantity of fish. There is law enforcing ... Read More

Reasons for low level of development of fishing industry in Uganda

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Widespread water hyacith on Lake Victora hinders navigation and also suffocates fish Extensive destruction of swampsand vegetation around lakes like Victoria encourage silting of lakes ... Read More

The contributions of fishing industry in Uganda

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Positive contribution of fishing Fish forms a vital source of food for people. It is a source of animal proteins. Fish and fish wastes are ... Read More