Measurements, Machines, tools and farm structures in agriculture

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The factors that may affect the level of farmer’s investment in a farm Capital Size of the farm Nature of enterprise Security technology Measurements on ... Read More

Fish farming in Uganda

06/28/2024 1

This is the rearing of fish in a controlled environment for food or sale Importance of fish farming Source of food Source revenue from sale ... Read More

Urban and peri-urban farming (UPA)

06/28/2024 1

This refers to the practice of cultivating or producing, processing and distributing food in and around urban or peri-urban areas. Or It is the growing ... Read More


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This is the system of farming in which farmers that have multiple uses together with crops and/or pasture on the same land Importance of agroforestry ... Read More

Bees keeping or Apiculture

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Apis is a Latin word for bees. Honey bee is Apis mellifera Terminology Apiary/bee yard is a place where a number of bee colonies are ... Read More

Causes and prevention of bee swarming

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Causes of swarming Overcrowding When there is no enough room to build enough honey store The temperature is too hot. With higher temperatures, more space ... Read More

Factors that influence the choice of implement used for cultivation

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Soil condition: dry/hard soil require heavy implements like a disc plough while loose soil require light implements like hand hoe and ox plough Type of ... Read More

Disadvantage of using concrete as construction material on the farm

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Concrete is not well reinforced is low in tensile strength and brittle It is bulky It is expensive Requires time to cure Requires skill to ... Read More

Advantages of using concrete as a construction material on a farm

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Good insulator that it reduces loss of heat from a building It is non-flammable Strong Durable Concrete is easy to mould It cheap Easy to ... Read More

Factors that favored the success of oxen-cultivation in Northern and Eastern Uganda 

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Availability of hardy draught animals and necessary equipment Availability of skilled man power in use of oxen cultivation Long experience in use of oxen cultivation ... Read More

Factors to consider when selecting a site for construction of farm buildings

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Topography: the site should be gentle sloping, free from flooding and erosion Wind direction: building for human and animals should be sited on the leeward ... Read More

Possible causes of weakness in farm building

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Poor soil that encourage sinking of the foundation Too small a foundation offering too little a surface area to handle weight Shallow foundation Poor mixing ... Read More

Factors that should be considered when choosing materials for construction on a farm.

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Cost of construction material, cheaper materials are preferred. The durability: durable materials are preferred Technology needed Capital to purchase building materials and pay labour. Farmers ... Read More

 Farm operations that that can be mechanized

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Ploughing, tillage using tractor and ox plough, harrow and rotators used in secondary tillage. Planting using tractors or ox plough planter and seeders Fertilizer application ... Read More

ways of encouraging mechanization in agriculture

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Sensitize farmer about the befits of mechanization Encourage group ownership since agricultural machines are expensive Provide incentives and subsidies on agricultural equipment Train machine operators ... Read More

criteria for selecting a farm machine

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Cost of machine: the benefits of the machine must outweigh the cost The machine should be easy to operate It should be able to work ... Read More

 Ways of maintaining barbed wire fence

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Replace broken wire Treat the posts regularly which recommended preservatives Replace decayed posts Tighten loose wire with new staples Put dropper in between the wires ... Read More

The procedure to be followed when constructing a barbed wire fence

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Identify the area to be fenced Clear vegetation/bush in the space where the fence line will pass Use a string to make the line straight ... Read More

Functional requirements of building for processing equipment

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Building for processing equipment It should be water proof to keep it dry and prevent damaging machines Should be well ventilated to facilitate aeration for ... Read More

Functional requirement of Animals house

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Should have strong walls to reduce accidents to animals Should have concrete rough floor to reduce accidents of farmers from falling Should have a gently ... Read More

Preparing an ox for a day’s work in the field

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Give the oxen enough water Feed the animals so that it does not eat crops Yoke the animals properly Hold the animals for a while ... Read More

Safety rules when operating a tractor on a farm

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Do not get on or off a tractor when it is moving Do not clean or grease when a tractor is in motion Do not ... Read More

Measures to ensure good performance of ox plough

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Proper hitching of plough on the yoke. Make sure the yoke is fitted properly and the chain length is proper for the team. Using the ... Read More

Disadvantages of animal drawn equipment

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They do less work compared to tractors Cannot cope up with heavy work; only operate shallow cultivation Require land for grazing Easily damaged and incur ... Read More

 Reasons for fixing of a queen excluder in a beehive

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It helps to confine the queen to lay eggs only in the brood chamber leaving the supers only for honey storage It ensures clean honey ... Read More

Advantages of the Top bar beehive

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The combs can easily be removed from the colony for inspection and replaced Honey combs can easily be harvested easily without disturbing the brood nest ... Read More

The qualities of an ideal beehive

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Should be enough space to accommodate comfortably the bee colony Should be durable made of hard wood Wall surface should be smooth Free from cracks ... Read More

Maintenance practices of the ox-mold board plough

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Regular checking of the conditions of the share; it should be re-sharpened if blunt Regularly tight the bolts and nuts Replace worn out heel of ... Read More

Desirable qualities of a yoke to us on the oxen

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Should be strong to avoid breakage during operations Should be durable Should be light to remove excess weight from the animals Should be easily/locally available ... Read More

The qualities of a good wood preservative

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Should be highly poisonous to fungi and insects Should be permanent Should allow paint to bond on wood Should be readily available Should be cheap ... Read More

The hot and cold method of treating timber on the farm

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- Timber of desired is placed in a drum containing a suitable preservative. The drum is then fired until the preservatives is about to boil ... Read More

Advantages and disadvantages of using wood to make farm structures

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Advantages of using wood to make farm structures It is relatively cheap Durable Easily worked with simple tools Less labour is required to work with ... Read More

Precautions taken when seasoning timber

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Protection of timber from termites, insects and rodents to prevent destruction Drying of the timber indoors to allow uniform drying to prevent cracking and shrinkage ... Read More

Seasoning timber

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This a process of reducing the moisture content of timber to make it suitable for various purposes. The following are the different method of seasoning ... Read More

Uses of disc plough in agriculture

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A disc plough can turn, break and mix all types of soils. Primarily, it is used to process stony areas and prepare new fields. In addition, ... Read More

Uses of subsoiler in agriculture

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Breaking up soil at depths below what a disc harrow or rototiller can reach. Loosening soil and preparing the land for planting. Improving water infiltration ... Read More


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They are wheel with toothed edges that rotate on an axle or shaft, and the teeth of one gear fit into teeth of another gear. ... Read More

Hacksaw and bow saw

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A hacksaw is a fine-toothed saw, originally and mainly made for cutting metal. The equivalent saw for cutting wood is usually called a bow saw. Hacksaw ... Read More

Faults and solution to mechanical planter

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Seed Depth Variation: If seeds are planted at inconsistent depths, it affects germination. Calibrate the planter to ensure uniform seed placement. Double Planting: When two ... Read More

Agriculture economics

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Agricultural economics is the application of economic theory in agriculture so as to obtain maximum profit from production plants and animals. Production It’s the creation ... Read More

Ways of improving women participation in agriculture

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Encourage women to own land on which to grow crops even in absence of husbands. Promote positive self-esteem of women in decision making Increase women ... Read More

Factors that limit women’s participation in agriculture in Uganda

06/19/2024 4

Lack of land and other resource to carry out agriculture Lack security to obtaining credit Majority are illiterate with limited education Reproductive responsibility and children ... Read More

Importance of subsidy scheme in agricultural production

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Stabilize price of agricultural products Supplement farmers’ income Ensure that the domestic food supply is secure. Protect farmers from excessive loss due to calamities Good ... Read More

Strategies to improve agricultural lending in Uganda

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Lowering interest rates Lowering lending cost and length Improve client – lenders relationships Liberalization of financial sector Implementing agricultural insurance policies to reduce lending risks. ... Read More

Reasons why a farmer may fail to access credit

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Lack of collateral/security Bureaucracy of lending institution Illiteracy of farmers Corruption from lending institution that may require a bribe first. Fear to undertake the risk ... Read More

Disadvantages of channeling credit through farmers’ organizations/ cooperative

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Lack of skill Political interference Corruption Farmers’ organization often provide short term and not long-term loans. Good day Dr. Bbosa Science Read More

Advantages of channeling credit through farmers’ organizations/ cooperative

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Credit easily accessed by farmers. Guaranteed funds to the farmers. The organization can easily follow up the funds. Financial training from farmers’ organizations is easily ... Read More

Methods of value addition of agricultural produce

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Processing of produce to acceptable form Organic production, since consumers have high preference for organically produced products. Attractive packaging Blending with other substances to improve ... Read More

Roles/functions of an entrepreneur in a farm production

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provide required capital on the farm he bears all risks and losses Planning for the farm i.e. making decisions for running of a farm Manages ... Read More

Limitations/challenges to stabilization of the price of agricultural products

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conflicts with the policy of liberalization standardization of quality and quantity of the produce inadequate funding poor road and communication network need to process agricultural ... Read More

Functions of agricultural cooperatives in Uganda

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Saving and credit cooperative provide savings and credit facilities in Uganda Produce cooperatives pool farmers for large scale farming They transport produce to the market ... Read More

How to improve labour efficiency

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on job training effective supervision/management encouraging specialization providing incentives such as attractive salary improving technology timely payment of wages provision of job security division labor ... Read More

Factors affecting labor supply in agriculture

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Health conditions of the workers. Motivation in terms of salaries and allowances. Good working conditions such as housing, transport and health allowances attract many laborers. ... Read More

advantages/Benefits of controlling of market systems by government

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Prevents development of monopolistic businesses Protects farmers and farming businesses from exploitation of middlemen Encourage completion Provides quality standards to protect consumers Enable collection of ... Read More

Steps followed when making a complete budget of a farm

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State objectives List all available resources Estimate the size of land to estimate the number of livestock or planting materials required Estimate inputs and labor ... Read More

Importance of a budget to a farmer

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To estimate required production resources in form of labor, capital and inputs. To estimate profitability of the farm enterprise. To attract funding from money lenders ... Read More

Benefits of agricultural cooperatives in Uganda

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Better marketing facilities for farmers’ products Easy acquisition of cheap inputs Development of leadership skill Easy access to cheaper credit Easy access to agricultural information ... Read More

The role of government in promoting agricultural development

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Liberalization of agriculture enabling private investors. Construction of dams and setting up irrigation schemes to enable cropping throughout the year. Provision of agricultural inputs such ... Read More

Importance of extension workers in rural agricultural development

06/19/2024 1

 They train and educate farmers on modern farming practices to boost agricultural productivity. They encourage people in farming business to improve rural livelihoods They empower ... Read More

What are the effects of change in supply and demand on the price of a commodity?

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Increase in demand may result into increase in price. Decrease in demand may result into decrease in price. increase in supply may result into decrease ... Read More