A-level crop husbandry or Agruculture revision questions

A-level crop husbandry or Agruculture revision questions

Agriculture revision questions for agriculture 1

Crop production Biscuits 2021

By Mungudit Davious

  1. (a) explain the roles played by each of the following in soil formation
  • Temperature (02marks)
  • Rainfall (02marks)
  • Parent material (02mark)
  • Living organisms (02marks)
  • Time and topography (02marks)

(b) Outline the significance of good soil structure to crop growth. (10marks)

  1. (a) You are an Agricultural extension Agent in an area where soil erosion is the major cause of low productivity. Discus how you would help farmers to overcome this problem (20marks)
  2. (a) Outline the factors that would increase soil acidity. (12marks)

(b) State the benefits of liming soils. (08marks)

  1. (a) How would you control the following crop pests and diseases on a farm?
  • Maize stalk borer (5marks)
  • Sweet potato weevil (2marks)
  • Black arm of cotton (1mark)
  • Backenal wilt of tomatoes 2marks)
  1. (a) What ecological factors may encourage the multiplication of plant pests (14marks)

(b) Give the disadvantage of using chemical pesticide. (7marks)

  1. (a) explain why weeds are problems in Agricultural production (16marks)

(b) What can be done to control their effects?  (04mark)

  1. Discus the advantages and disadvantages of using organic manures in place of Inorganic fertilizers in crop production (20marks).
  2. (a) Describe the means by which diseases can be spread in crops (14marks)

(b) State the measures that can be taken to control crop diseases. (6marks)

  1. (a) Suggest the characteristic of good pasture plant. (10marks)

(b) Describe how you would improve and maintain the quantity and nutritive value of natural pasture. (10marks)

  1. (a) State the advantages of using herbicides in weed control (10marks)

(b) Explain the factors that are responsible for herbicides selectivity (10marks)

  1. (a) Discuss the factors that influence the choices of crops grown in an area. (12marks)

(b) Why is intercropping a desirable practice in crop production. (08mark)

  1. (a) Outline the factors that predispose soil erosion (14marks)

(b) Discuss the effects soil erosion in Agricultural production. (6marks)

  1. (a) How can the maximum effectiveness of herbicides be achieved? (5marks)

(b) Discuss dangers associated with the use of pesticides in Agricultural production (7marks)

(c) Outline the precautions taken by farmers to ensure safe use of pesticides. (08marks)

  1. (a) Describe the characteristics of a good tree species to be used in agroforestry. (06marks)

(b) Describe any three Agroforestry practices carried out by farmers. (6marks)

(c) What benefits do crops get when inter-planted with trees? (08 marks)

  1. (a) State the conditions that encourage soil aggregation (08marks)

(b) What are the causes of low soil productivity? (05marks)

  1. (a) Explain the characteristics of weeds that have led to their successful growth on earth. (14marks)

(b) Outline the advantages of the chemical method of weed control. (06marks)

  1. (a) outline the various ways in which pests cause dangers to crops (12marks)

(b) Explain the various control methods of pests. (8marks)

  1. (a) Discuss the factors that cause soil erosion (14marks)

(b)  Outline the economic importance of soil erosion in farming (07marks)


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