O-Level Chemistry Notes, exams and marking guides

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These videos teach technical subjects, you may need to listen to a video more than once to eternalize the terms 

Preparation of oxygen

Preparation of hydrogen (O-level chemistry)

Solubility (O-level)

Molarity (lesson 1 of 3)

Equations, masses , moles O level mole concept

Percentages in mole concept o-level

Preparation of oxygen with worked examples

Rates of reaction by Dr Betty Science Lesson 1 of 2

Enthalpy of reaction mole concept O level

Molarity lesson 2 of 3 additional examples

Mole, mass, Avogadro's constant

Mole concept (O level) balancing equations

Action of oxygen on elements metals and non metals (o-level)

Factors affecting the rate of reaction by Dr Betty Science Lesson 2 of 2

Calculation involving stp and rtp

Molarity lesson 3 of 3 additional examples

Empirical formula o level chemistry