Category: A-level mechanics

Pressure in liquids, density, viscosity, Bernoulli’s principle

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Pressure in liquids This is the force exerted normally per unit area. The SI units of pressure of liquids are Nm-2 or Pascals (pa) The ... Read More

Kepler’s law of planetary motion and gravitational constant

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 Kepler’s Law of Planetary Motion Planets revolve in elliptical orbits having the sun at one focus Each planet revolve in such a way that the ... Read More

Simple harmonic motion

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Simple harmonic motion It a special type of periodic motion in which the acceleration of the body along the path of the body is directed ... Read More

Surface tension

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Surface tension Common observation explained by surface tension  A drop of water, on closing a tap remained dinging on the tap, as if the water ... Read More

Circular motion,unbanked road, banked road, horizontal circular motion, vertical circular motion

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Circular motion This is the motion of an object moving in a circular path with a uniform speed around a fixed point O. consider a ... Read More