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Properties of Gama, beta and alpha particles

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Types of radiations There are three types of radiations given by radioactive substances. They all cause certain substances, such as zinc sulphide, to luminesce, and ... Read More

Properties of Gama particle

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properties of gamma particles These uncharged rays are similar to X-rays they have high penetrating power; being able to pass through 0.1m of metal. have ... Read More

Properties of beta particles

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Properties of beta particle negatively charged deflected toward positive electric field have medium penetrating power ionize gases they pass through Sponsored by The Science Foundation ... Read More

Properties of Alpha particles

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properties alpha particles positively charged helium ions ionize gases they pass through deflected towards negative electric field have low penetrating power Read More

Methods of separating azeotropic mixture

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Adding a substance that reacts and removes one component. e.g. CaO reacts and removes water from azeotrope of ethanol and water distillation with a third ... Read More