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Group 2 elements -A level inorganic chemistry

09/11/2020 0

It lists members of group 2 elements, their physical properties, uniqueness of beryllium, reaction with water, acids and sodium hydroxide; uses of group 2 metal ... Read More

Factors affecting the equilibrium constants, Kc and Kp

07/31/2020 0

These factors include temperature, concentration, pressure and catalyst. these factors are well explainned in this video Read More


05/20/2020 0

Addition examples of calculations involving molarity Read More

Aromatic or benzene compounds

05/20/2020 1

reaction of benzene with nitric acid, reactions of benzene with sulphuric acid, reactions of benzene with alkyl halide, reaction of benzene with halogen in present ... Read More

Calculation involving s.t.p and r.t.p in ordinary level chemistry- video

05/20/2020 0

Calculations involving standard temperature and pressure (s.t.p) and room temperature and pressure (r.t.p) Read More