Category: O-level Biology

Chemicals of life (O-level)

01/24/2020 0

Chemicals of life Overview All cells are made up of a variety of substances some of which organic while others are inorganic. Water forms the ... Read More


01/20/2020 2

Enzymes Specific objectives The learner should be able to: Describe the criteria for naming enzymes using the type of substrate and type of reaction Explain ... Read More

Respiration (O-level)

01/16/2020 0

Respiration This is the oxidation of organic substance to liberate energy in the body. Aerobic respiration requires oxygen whereas anaerobic respiration does not require oxygen. ... Read More

Genetic (O-level)

01/12/2020 0

  Genetics (O-level) This is a branch of biology that tries to explain the cause of similarities and differences between parents and their offsprings. The ... Read More

Electrolysis (O-level)

01/07/2020 1

Electrolysis This is the decomposition of an ionic compound in molten or solution form into its constituent elements by electricity. Note that An electrolyte is ... Read More