Category: A-Level electricity

Capacitors (A-level electricity in physics)

09/18/2020 1

Capacitors A capacitor also known as a condenser, is a device which is used to store electric charge. A capacitor consists of two metal plates ... Read More

Current electricity -A-level physics

09/11/2020 1

Current I This is the flow of charge I =  δQ/δt The S.I. unit of current is Ampere (A) An Ampere is the current flowing ... Read More

Electric fields, Electric field pattern, worked examples (A-level physics)

05/21/2020 1

Electric field Al electric field is a region around an electric charge where an electric force is experienced. This can be mapped out by electrostatic ... Read More

Electrostatics (A-level physics)

05/19/2020 8

Electrostatics This is the study of electrical charges at rest. There are two kinds of charges i.e., unlike charges which attract and like charges which ... Read More