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Concave and convex mirror revision questions

02/20/2021 1

Detailed explanation of questions in convex and concave mirror at A-level physics Read More

Concave and convex mirrors lesson 2 of 2 (A-level)

02/20/2021 0

1. Relationship between the focal length f and the radius of curvature r of curved mirrors 2. Derivation of concave (converging) mirror formula 3. Derivation ... Read More

Curved mirror l (concave and convex mirrors) A-level; lesson 1 o f 2

02/20/2021 0

Terminologies of curved mirrors (pole of mirror, principal axis, center of curvature, C, principal focus, F, focal length, f, radius of curvature, r; paraxial rays); ... Read More

Reflection of light on plane mirrors A level

02/19/2021 0

Ray of light , type of beams, laws of reflection, deviation of light at plane surfaces, deviation by rotated mirror, optical levers, deviation by successive ... Read More