Category: A-level physics

Physical quantities, units, and dimensions

03/24/2020 0

Physical quantities Physical quantities are divided into two groups (a) Fundamental quantities These are physical quantities that cannot be expressed in the form of other ... Read More

Refraction through the lenses (A-level)

03/19/2020 0

  Refraction through lenses A lens is a piece of glass bounced by one or two spherical surfaces. Lenses are of two types namely; (i) ... Read More

Convex and concave mirrors (A-level)

03/10/2020 0

Reflection at curved mirrors Curved mirrors are of two types namely; (i) Concave (Converging) mirror: it is part of the sphere whose center C is ... Read More

Plane mirrors (A-level)

03/07/2020 1

Geometrical optics Optics is the study of light energy and its properties Evidences that light is a form of energy When light enters our eyes, ... Read More