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PLE Integrated Science 2018

05/23/2020 0

Well illustrated and explained revision video for integrated science PLE 2018 for primary seven, p7 Read More

PLE science 2017 section B revision

05/08/2020 0

Revision video for PLE integrated Science 2017 Read More

PLE 2012 integrated Science

05/08/2020 0

Revision of primary leaving integrated science 2012 Read More

PLE science 2016 section A -video

05/08/2020 0

Revision of PLE integrated Science 2016 section A Read More

PLE SST 2014 1 last audit

05/08/2020 0

A well-illustrated revision video for PLE SST 2014. Read More

PLE MATHS Section B 2013 By Dr Betty Bbosa

04/16/2020 0

Exhaustive revision of Primary Leaving Examination Mathematics By Dr. Betty Science the best mathematics teacher Read More