Category: Science for upper primary schools

Angle construction

07/16/2020 0

Constructing Angles of 60º, 120º, 30º, 150, 90º and 450 How to construct an angle of 600. (i) Draw a line and select point A. ... Read More

Force and simple machine – upper primary

07/11/2020 0

Force A force is the pull, push or a lift on an object. Force is measured in Newtons using a spring balance   Effect of ... Read More

Properties of matter – upper primary

07/09/2020 0

PROPERTIES OF MATTER Matter Matter is anything that occupies space and has mass. Mass is what matter is made up of. Matter exists in three ... Read More

Magnetism-upper primary

07/08/2020 0

Magnetism A magnet is a piece of metal which has ability to attract other metals. Magnetic substances are those substances which can be attracted by ... Read More

Sound energy-upper primary

07/07/2020 0

Sound energy Sound is  a form of energy that enables us to hear. It is caused by vibration of objects Properties of sound Pitch is ... Read More