Classification of fungi

Classification of fungi

Classes of fungi



Phylum: ZygomycotaPhylum: AscomycotaPhylum: Basidiomycota
No septa in hyphae; large branched mycelium formedSepta in hyphaeSepta in hyphae, large 3-dimensional structure often formed
Asexual reproduction by sporangia producing spores or y conidiaAsexual reproduction by conidiaAsexual reproduction unusual but by spores
Sexual reproduction by  conjugation that gives rise to zygosporeSexual reproduction by ascospores forming in an ascusSexual reproduction by formation of basididiospores outside basidia
Example: mould or Mucor

Rhizopus- bread mould

e.g., yeastE.g. Agaricus Campestris -field mushroom


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