Describe what would happen in an individual who develops a malfunctioning liver.



The liver is the largest organ and center of metabolic activity in the body. Its failure to function properly it fails the following functions

  • A person will have abnormal sugar levels due to failure of synthesis and breakdown of glycogen
  • Regulation of lipids may fail leading to high concentration of lipids in blood causing heart diseases and gall stone
  • Detoxification of poisonous substance may fail leading to death due to accumulation of poisons in the body
  • Production of bile may fail leading impaired digestion of fats
  • Synthesis of plasma proteins may fail leading to accumulation fluid in he tissue swelling of feet
  • Storage of minerals such as iron may reduce causing deficiency diseases
  • Synthesis of vitamin K may be impaired leading to inability of blood to clot
  • Reduced storage of blood
  • Reduced production of heat and hemostasis of body temperature
  • Failure to remove old worn out red blood cells from the body.
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