Factors to consider when designing dip

Factors to consider when designing dip

Cattle dip

Cattle dips are types of treatment that involve immersing cattle in a solution that contain chemicals or natural substances that kill or repel parasites and vectors like ticks, lice, flies, mites and blowflies. The process is also used to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.

Factors to consider while designing a cattle dip structure

  1. Dip Tank Location:
    • Construct the dip tank on slightly raised ground, close to a water source and easily accessible to cattle and operator
    • Ensure the collection pen is well drained and firmly founded.
  2. Entrance Race:
    • The entrance race should be made of concrete and narrow enough to allow only one animal through at a time.
    • The floor should be cobbled to prevent slipping and accumulation of dung and mud.
    • Foot baths can help remove excess soil from animals’ hooves.
  3. Draining Race:
    • The draining race is crucial to drain excess acaricide from cattle and for returning surplus dip-wash to the tank.
    • It should have a smooth, watertight, sloping floor.
    • a long single race is preferable when dealing with large number of cattle.

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