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Over the years, a large number of students have been failing Sciences Subjects due to negative attitude they have towards the discipline. Before the government of Uganda introduced the system that made science subjects compulsory in 2008, only 30% of the students were taking sciences up to senior four and only half of these were able to pass them. As a result, Uganda lacks qualified professionals such as medical officers, engineers and Science teachers. This is worsened as most of the available professionals fly out the country for greener pastures. Lack of Science Teachers in the system further contributes to the poor performance of the science subjects

Even after making sciences compulsory up to senior four, the failure rates are still very high that the number of students joining A-level with science subject combinations is still very low. For instance, only 8% of the students that sat for Uganda Advanced certificate of Education (UACE) exams did chemistry and chemistry is the key subject in most science combinations.  It is against this background that,the science teachers of The Science Foundation College at Kiwanga Mukono District (registration number of the school is PSS/T/49) in 2016 initiated a club (Digital Teachers) to promote science subjects in the country through, Print, Videos and Music. This is after realizing that most of the youths like watching movies, listening to music and using internet.

  • A pilot trial at The Science Foundation College has shown that teaching using videos lead to marked improvement in the practical subjects.
  • Development of Videos gives time to select the most relevant learning experiences including those that cannot be brought to or obtained in the class room environment. This makes videos to teach as they are entertaining.
  • Replaying the science videos over and over enable students to grasp important scientific principles.
  • Videos can be watched anywhere any time including use of smart phones.
  • Video may be developed in the local language.
  • Digitalteachers website provides subject notes, reference material, exams, making guide to those students that can not afford text book and reference material.

The Digital teachers in conjunction with The Science Foundation College are determined to attract students to science subjects through Print, Science videos and Music. This will be done through attracting and interesting more science teachers into the club and where need arise; to move from school to schools at all levels creating clubs of similar nature. This will promote science from the grass root through cultivating interest for sciences into the science teachers and their students.

Welcome on Board

Dr. Naziriwo Betty Bbosa Editor

Ono Gwenjagala song By Dr Bbosa Science

Lwaki Song By Dr Bbosa Science


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    Alomu James Patrick 6 years

    I am so humbled with the efforts that digital teachers are giving towards enhancement of science in the great nation. I am so appreciative of your endless efforts as a parent thank you so much and may the Good LORD bless you abundantly and may he guide you to achieve the major objectives of starting this.

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    Really these notes have helped me but please upload geography, history East, and maths thanks alot

  • comment-avatar
    Johnblair 11 months

    I am getting big from the past but organic chemistry for a level is not there.

  • comment-avatar
    Hillary Mafabi 9 months

    Thank you so much for the priceless efforts for supporting the education sector
    But kindly if u upload History of East and south Africa Will be better

  • comment-avatar
    Bruce KIGOZI 9 months

    But some subjects like ICT practical guides should also be put into extreme consideration

  • comment-avatar
    Shalom Kim 9 months

    I do appreciate the super effort doñe by the digital teachers though some notes are not seen like the ones of history east Africa,and some notes for entrepreneurship o level….though I do appreciate…I have been helped alot

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