How the quality of silage can be improved.

How the quality of silage can be improved.

  • Use the right type of grass and legume species ensiled
  • Cut grass at the right stage of growth of the species ensiled
  • Ferment for at least three weeks or appropriate
  • Use the right type and amount of additive such as urea
  • Use appropriate temperature during fermentation.
  • Careful harvesting of the material to reduce losses of leaves and contamination by soil.
  • Proper sealing of the silos to prevent re-entry of air into the silo.
  • Proper fermentation of the material to exclude oxygen and acid fermentation.
  • Proper chopping of the material to ensure proper fermentation.
  • Wilting of the material before ensiling to reduce the moisture content and reduce the possibility of rotting.
  • Addition of additives to increase the energy supply for the bacteria and preservatives.
  • Quick use of the material once the silo has been opened to reduce the chances of spoilage due to exposure to the environment.

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