Measures to improve efficiency of farm

Measures to improve efficiency of farm

Farm efficiency is the ability to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense

Farm efficiency leads to less waste, more income and better use of resources.

Measures to improve efficiency of farm

  • Good management through proper decision making
  • Selecting proper and marketability
  • Application of fertilizers to increase plant yield.
  • Planting early maturing crop varieties
  • Irrigation to produce crops throughout the year
  • Pest control to reduce farm losses
  • Use of skilled labor to produce quality products
  • Use of specialized extension service
  • Fencing to ensure safety of the farm
  • Proper record keeping to enable proper farming
  • Proper feeding of farm animals.
  • Proper housing of farm animals
  • Timely weeding
  • Proper spacing of crops
  • Castration, dehorning, and debeaking to improve farm production
  • Processing of farm product/value addition


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