O-level physics notes

Revision past papers

Revision past papers.

UCE Physics paper 1

UCE Physics paper 1 guides

UCE Physics paper 2

UCE Physics paper 2 guides


The videos teach technical subjects, you may need to watch the video more than once to get used to  and eternalize the technical terms

Properties of light and pinhole camera O level

Refraction of light (o- level physics)

Lenses for O-level physics

O level physics waves principles

O level physics, electromagnets

Reflection of light on plane mirrors O level

Critical angle and total internal reflection (O-level physics)

Lenses for O -Level physics revision questions

O level physics sound waves

O level physics, effect of magnetic field on current carrying conductor

O level physics curved mirrors of concave and convex mirrors

Refraction of light revision questions (O- level physics)

O level physics prisms and dispersion of light

O level magnetism terminologies and principles

O level physics, electromagnetic induction