Parts of cattle dip

Parts of cattle dip

  1. Plunge/dipping Tank: A narrow channel where animals walk, immersing them in progressively deeper liquid until fully submerged (except for their heads to breathe). The channel then becomes shallower as the animal exists.
  2. Holding Yard/collecting pen: An area where livestock gather before entering the dip.
  3. Foot Bath: A shallow pool where animals’ feet are treated with acaricides.
  4. Jump: A barrier that prevents animals from turning back once they enter the dip.
  5. Dip Tank: The main structure where animals are immersed in liquid containing parasiticides.
  6. Draining Race: A channel where excess dip solution drains off.
  7. Silt Trap Outlet: Collects sediment and prevents clogging.
  8. Roof: Provides shade and protects the dip solution from sunlight.
  9. Water Tank: Stores water for diluting the dip solution.
  10. Soaking pit: a pit where used dip solution is disposed of.

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