Preparation of oxygen with worked examples (O-level chemistry)

principles of preparation of gases i.e. preparatory state, purification stage, drying stage, and collection stage. Preparation oxygen, sample questions and answers

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    Atukunda Edwin 3 years

    Thanks doctor. That was such a nice presentation. Keep it up. Thanks to the organiser. I am a digital teacher and I am in love with your work

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    Kabuusu mohammed kscien 3 years

    Thanks dr. Bossa. I have benefited in your work.

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    Nambadala Eric 2 years

    I think there are no best teachers than. What I have benefited from you people, God knows. Never stop teaching and never lose hope of what you are doing, YOU HAVE A REASON and the ANSWER is the way.

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    Erick ecarlet 2 months

    Thanks for the work teachers. We appreciate

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