Processes of urine production

Processes of urine production

Processes of urine production

  1. Filtration:

This occurs in glomerulus into the Bowman’s capsule. The filtration pressure is due to the fact that afferent blood vessel is bigger than the efferent blood vessel.


Small molecules like glucose, amino acids, ammonia are filtered through the pores of capillary vessels.


Big molecules like proteins and blood cell are not filtered because they cannot pass through the pores of the glomerular membrane


  1. Reabsorption

Useful molecules like glucose, amino acids and water are reabsorbed from the filtrate in proximal convoluted tubules while unwanted molecules like urea are not reabsorbed. More water is reabsorbed from the loop of Henle.


  1. Secretion

Urea and ammonia which remained in blood is removed by active transport and secreted in into the filtrate.

The remaining material including urea and ammonia pass through the collecting duct to the bladder as urine


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