UACE S101 General Paper section B: Logic Quiz 1

UACE S101 General Paper section B: Logic Quiz 1

Read the information below and answer the questions that follow

Kampala District service commission advertised for the post of District Agricultural officer and Sub-county Agricultural Extension Officer respectively. Five candidates applied and were shortlisted for oral interviews.

The commission proposed the following conditions for the candidates selected for the jobs.

  1. The best candidate was supposed to take the job of District Agricultural Officer (DAO).
  2. The second best candidate was supposed to take the job of Sub-county Agricultural Extension Officer.
  3. The post of DAO requires a relevant University degree and experience of not less than 5 years.
  4. The post of Sub-county Agricultural Extension Officer requires a University degree in either veterinary medicine or agriculture.

The commission awarded marks basing on the attributes from 5 to 1.

  • Relevant academic qualification
  • Relevant experience
  • Integrity
  • Computer literacy
  • Sociability

The characteristics of shortlisted candidates were as follows;


He has a University degree in law, employed by judiciary service commission for 7 years, not corrupt, friendly and computer expert.


She is second to none in computer, a fresh University graduate in Agriculture, trustworthy but she is a drunkard.


He is very corrupt, a computer illiterate, very friendly. He did BA in Agriculture at University but never worked in any organization


she is a computer illiterate, a drunkard who has a degree in Agriculture and worked as an Agricultural Extension Officer for 6 years and no complaint has been recorded against her.


She has a University degree in Veterinary medicine worked as Agricultural extension staff for 5 years, trusted, friendly but computer illiterate.


(a) Tabulate the above information clearly showing marks allocation for the five candidates.

(b) Which candidate are most likely to take the post of,

(i) District Agricultural Officer

(ii) Sub-county Agricultural Extension Officer.

(c) What is the work of an Agricultural Extension Officer

(d) Explain the challenges being faced in modernizing agriculture in Uganda to day.





(b) (i) District Agricultural Officer is Tino

(ii) Sub-county Agricultural Extension Officer is Akiki

(c) The work of agricultural extension officer is

  • Coordinate the farmers in the sub country
  • Demonstrate agricultural practices to the farmer.
  • Teach farmers modern skills of farming
  • Create awareness and interest in farming practices
  • Give advice on pest and disease control in a sub-county.
  • Create timely awareness of disease and pest outbreak

(d) Challenges for modernization of agriculture

  • Lack of capital
  • Lack of skilled man power
  • Corruption in agricultural sector
  • Poor land scape and rugged mountain terrain.
  • Poor extension farmers’ service.

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Dr. Bbosa Science

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