Why Digital Teachers

Digital teaching allows students to engage in self-directed learning in areas of personal interest and expertise.

Youths are motivated by videos, pictures, and thus video is an excellent media to attract their attention. Teaching of hard concepts can be simplified through seeing and hearing, lecture and demonstration method.

Limited school science laboratories.

Limited skilled science teachers; unskilled teacher will learn from skilled teachers.
Loss of interest in sciences due to unavailability of teachers

Videos are cheap and handy and can be bought in bits, watched anywhere at anytime .

Teaching of hard concepts can be translated into local Languages.
Lost lessons due to school fees and illness.

Important communications to the learners like carrier guidance can be passed on through video lessons


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    kyalimpa 7 years

    great work

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    Kasanvu Tonny 6 years

    I like the idea of digital teaching, it’s very important in the current generation.

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    boman 5 years

    Our aim is to enable our people get access of knowledge in science to improve our region: if your interested in giving this knowledge voluntarily, you can e-mail to us what you what people to learn. we will create a page for you on the Digitalteachers website. it is our world!

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    Babughirana Samson 5 years

    I’m a teacher in the profession teaching physics and chemistry. Would like to join and link with you in this matter.My students will love to have the digital experience of the subject at both levels.Thanks.

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      boman 5 years

      in case your are interested you can send notes videos to digitaltearsuganda@gmail.com. your work will be posted on the website when approved and your photo and address will be added to the members list.

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